Yo, this is a Freshhh Menu

I’ve had a bit of a drought in my food blog writing, attributed to the last couple of crazy weeks in DC.

But, for your general enjoyment, here is a sweet menu I found when researching restaurants for my upcoming weekend trip to NYC! (click on the image to enlarge)

The menu belongs to 11 Madison Park Restaurant (http://elevenmadisonpark.com/). They’re so upscale (food snob is right!) that they only give you one word to describe your food choices: the actual name of the food.

Menu organization is very important to your dining experience, whether you realize it or not. The style, plate descriptions, inclusion (or exclusion) of prices, and course listings are just a few of the characteristics that determine the readability of a menu.

Most important, of course, is how affective the readability translates to your stomach’s desire for fulfillment. Because a really good menu might convince you to reach down deeper into your wallet for those yummy, specialty dishes.

I might just have to go to 11 Madison Park Restaurant to try their Radicchio, Lobster, Veal, and Lemon dishes (to cover my bitter, salty, umami, and sweet senses) … or maybe it’s their menu calling me!

All Hail Really Good Menus,

Food Snob

P.S. I have no idea if the Fresh Prince would even think menus can be fresh?!


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