The Last Supper



My last meal would take place at my grandfather’s weekend home in St. Michaels, Maryland. We would sit outside on the patio, and it would be the perfect summer temperature with the sun just setting. The boats would look

majestic as they headed back to port, with the sun setting fire to their sails. And the water would slowly morph to the color of the sky, so that it would be only possible to tell the difference by gazing at the tree line.


Who with?

My family, close friends, and mentors, all of whom have greatly influenced my life


What music?

A combination of jazz/classical/soul, to remind me of the great sorrow a

nd celebration that is life

Who would cook it?

Naturally, not myself! My grandfather- the first course, my father- the second course, my mom- the salad, Michel Richard- desserts


What would it be?

The first course would be fresh crab cocktail, sprinkled with my brother’s favorite Old Bay spice, a squeeze of lemon, and horseradish dipping sauce. Probably paired with a crisp white wine, and a side of mild cheese, such as Gouda, and fresh heirloom tomatoes.

The main course would be a sizzling, medium-rare filet mignon, oozing with butter and seasoned with rosemary and thyme. On the side, a sautéed vegetable medley (with NO mushrooms whatsoever), and a variety of potato dishes (shoestring, pommes frites, au gratin). I’m not sure on the wine label, but it would be a bold and strong red. Maybe a rare vintage from Burgundy.

After would follow a light arugula and bitter greens salad, with a light vinaigrette, a simple French style dish.

The dessert would consist of a generous slice of blueberry pie with homemade vanilla ice cream, vanilla bean crème brulee, Central’s beautifully crafted banana split, and a platter of berries.

Then, to round out the French theme, a few fine cheeses with a sparkling ice wine, finished off with a small cappuccino, just as the sun had set and the last flaming sailboat drew waves out of my vision.

I recently stumbled across a magazine article exclusively by the University of Michigan liberal arts (LSA) alumni, and then a book titled “The Last Supper,” featuring 50 top chefs’ takes on their last meal.

The question forces you to not look at your favorite foods per se, but rather a celebration of your life through the foods you’ve chosen. They have meaning, they are tied to experiences or people. For me, the crab and the steak and the cheese and wines are connected to the wonderful summers I have spent with my family in the East Coast or my travels abroad, the conversations, and the pure merriment of those memories.

What would be your last meal?


All Hail “Living to Eat”,

Food Snob


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