A Poem About Cheese

The Cat Who Looks Like He Doesn’t Like Cheese

In honor of National Cheese Day, here is the long awaited cheese poem by Lilian Jackson Braun (with some of my additions) in  The Cat Who Said Cheese:


I think I shall never see

A better cheese than one called Brie.

My brother goes for Danish blue (or rather, string cheese);

My father is nuts for Port du Salut.

Some folks all declare

The tops in cheese is Camembert.

To each his own, but as for me,

I cast my vote for creamy Brie. (or Gruyère or Gouda or Goat… I like the ‘G’ cheeses)


Enjoy your day! I hope it includes some great cheese.


All Hail Cheese/Fromage/Käse,

Food Snob

P.S. If you’re not inspired yet, here’s a link to a grilled cheese recipe from my ever favorite Wine Spectator magazine!




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